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Car Logo Quiz Android Answers and Solution Level 6-9

Monday, 6 August 2012, 21:03 | Tips
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Car Logo quiz android is brought to you by bubble co on Google Play.Car-Logo-Quiz I hope you found my first article on answers and solution for the first 5 levels usueful. After a couple of hours searching for the last car companies logos, I sucessfully finished the game and will share the answers for the last levels. Currently the game has 9 level of difficulty with 145 car logos to be guessed. I will update the article if they decide to develop new levels.


Car logo quiz answers level 6

Car Logo Quiz Level 6

Car logo quiz solution level 7

Car Logo Quiz Level 7

Car logos quiz answers level 8

Car Logo Quiz Level 8

Car logo quiz answers level 9

Car Logo Quiz Solution Level 9

Car logo quiz answers level 9 update

Car Logo Quiz Level 9 Part2

Answers for level 10 is here.


Congratulations ! You finished the game sucessfully! Now you should start from zero and re-try it again 🙂




3 responses

  1. mike says:


    there is an error with Packard logo in Level 9. Answer is Packard but it still shows wrong

    • Steven Cutt says:

      Hi mike,
      Yes you are right the right answers is Packard but it’s not working in the game. I think it’s a misspelling issue from the developer. It happens sometimes. Let’s hope it will be corrected with next update!

  2. Steven Cutt says:

    Packard is now corrected with the update of this morning! It is now working.

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