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Logo Quiz Android (CanadaDroid) Answers And Cheats All Levels

Thursday, 20 June 2013, 20:44 | Tips
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A brand new Logo Quiz game for android is now available on Google Play since a couple of weeks. You will discover more than 1’000 logos in 15 levels! Logo Quiz CanadadroidJudging by the number of download (more than one million) the logo quiz games are still a very popular! It’s very good news because we know that you love these games and we have decided to help you with this one too. In my opinion this logo quiz game is well done and will keep you entertained. One good thing is that when the logo is found you can see it completly. We will continue to update this article with all the levels of the game so you can already bookmark this article and come to visit us regularly.

Logo Quiz (CanadaDroid) Answers Level 1

Logo Quiz Android CanadaDroid 1

Logo Quiz (CanadaDroid) Solution Level 2

Logo Quiz Android CanadaDroid 2

Logo Quiz (CanadaDroid) Level 3

Logo Quiz Android CanadaDroid 3

Logo Quiz (CanadaDroid) Answers Level 4

Logo Quiz Android CanadaDroid 4

Logo Quiz (CanadaDroid) Level 5

Logo Quiz Android CanadaDroid 5

Logo Quiz (CanadaDroid) Answers Level 6

Logo Quiz Android CanadaDroid 6

Logo Quiz (CanadaDroid) Solution Level 7

Logo Quiz Android CanadaDroid 7

Logo Quiz (CanadaDroid) Level 8

Logo Quiz Android CanadaDroid 8

Logo Quiz (CanadaDroid) Answers Level 9

Logo Quiz Android CanadaDroid 9

Logo Quiz (CanadaDroid) Solution Level 10

Logo Quiz Android CanadaDroid 10

Logo Quiz (CanadaDroid) Level 11

Logo Quiz Android CanadaDroid 11

Logo Quiz (CanadaDroid) Answers Level 12

Coming soon

Logo Quiz (CanadaDroid) Level 13

Coming soon

We will try to do our best to publish the answers for the remaining levels soon. If you have already finished them and you want to help the community, feel free to post your answers in the comment box below. This will help us finish the game faster. Thank you

7 responses

  1. jeanettemcmurray says:

    i would like to see when yous are publishing levels 6 7 8 please

    • Steven Cutt says:

      We just published the new level 6 now. But you can already bookmark the page and come visit us regularly for level updates. Or like our facebook page and you will be kept updated 😉
      Thanks for the support

  2. Marco says:

    Comments above only when game is finished! 🙂

    • Steven Cutt says:

      Hi Marco. A big thank you for the answers for Level 7. We will work hard to publish this new level for our readers very soon!

  3. Wes says:

    some of the logos are misspelled wrong and need to be updated….

  4. natashia Deckert says:

    the answer for level three first page, third row second one in is wrong. it is DACIA. please get this fixed to help other people. and thank you for the rest of the answers.

  5. ankit says:

    Hey!! Thanx for the answers.. Waiting for level 9,10,11!!

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