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Logo Quiz Music Bands Android (Bubble) Answers and Solution Level 4-6

Monday, 27 August 2012, 20:32 | Tips
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Here we are with new level answers for the Bubble Logo Quiz Music Bands Game for Androids. You need to guess more than 200 music bands logos in this game. The majority of the bands logos can be guessed easily if it’s within the music categories you are used to listen to. But if not it is very difficult to have all the answers. That’s why we are going to help you with this logo quiz music bands answers and cheats for Electronic Level, Metal & Punk Level and Indie Level.

Logo Quiz Music Bands Answers Level 4 – Electronic

Logo Quiz Music Bands Level4 Electronic

Logo Quiz Music Bands Level 5 – Metal & Punk

Logo Quiz Music Bands Level5 Metal Punk

Logo Quiz Music Bands Solution Level 6 – Indie

Logo Quiz Music Bands Level6 Indie

We will soon release the next 3 categories. You might come back to check it regularly for updates! Please rate this article if you like our answers and tips.

PS : We had to put our logo on the background. Sorry if it’s not as readable as before but people are stealing our content to post on other websites. Because it is taking us a lot of time to produce these tips, and we are the first to publish for this game we need to protect our work. We hope you will understand.

Logo Quiz Music Bands Answers Level 7-11

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